Emergency Response for the Athlete Virtual

A Blended, Virtual & Synchronous Course is being added for 2021.

The ERA Virtual is approved for 2021 by ABPTS and the Sports Council due to the limitations on travel and risks for health care providers. In person courses are still being offered in small groups at various locations around the US, but for those who cannot travel or are concerned about risk we will offer the ERA Virtual (ERA-V) beginning in January 2021.

There are some key differences regarding registration, prerequisite work and needed supplies:

  • Registration costs are the same, with student or licensed provider rates
  • Students must register for a specific virtual course date online: Emergency Medical Response for the Athlete (ERA) – Cogent Steps
  • Enrolled students much purchase a Sideline Venue Emergency Response Kit (SVERK) to ensure that all students have access to the same equipment for equitable training and testing. This is a requirement and key to ERA-V accreditation
  • SVERK is purchased online in our store: SVERK – Sports Venue Emergency Response Kit – Cogent Steps, LLC
  • Prerequisites include completion of the following:
    • Online text and videos through the Cogent Steps Learner Account
    • Successful completion of the written test through the Cogent Steps Learner Account
    • Prerecorded Flip Grid Videos and prompts; Join codes sent after registration
    • Student uploads videos of lab practice in Flip Grid for feedback from instructor
  • Attendance and participation in Synchronous online ZOOM class
    • Lecture, discussion
    • Completion of a final practical during online ZOOM class with a partner

Students must complete the online and Flip Grid work 8-days prior to the Synchronous online ZOOM class to allow time for student comments and instructor feedback

Students who do not meet the timeline will be moved to the next available Synchronous online ZOOM class.

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