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U.S. hospitals less capable of providing acute care to kids

Urgent care for children is getting harder to find. A study from 2008-2016 shows hospitals are transferring children as they lack both the resources and specialists to treat many cases brought into their ERs.

Foul or fair play?

Foul or fair play? While attempting to stop Carson Wentz, Seahawks Jadeveon Clowney made helmet to helmet contact with Wentz. While not ruled a foul at the time, the NFL is reviewing the play for a possible unnecessary hit.

Joel Embiid to miss Thursday’s game due to finger injury, will see specialist

76ers star Joel Embiid dislocated his finger earlier this week. He was treated in the locker room before returning to the game, but now his status is in doubt.

Study: Concussions May Increase Risk of Suicide


Everyone knows concussions are bad. Countless studies of athletes have proven concussions can effect the brain in various ways. Now, a new study has found a possible link between concussions and suicide.