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VIRTUAL ERA Recertification Course Information

Prerequisites: Flip grid work: 3 hours. Review the following videos for content and understanding…

  • Exertional Heat Illness
  • Care of the spine injured athlete including equipment removal, placement of a cervical collar and boarding
  • Wound Care
  • Splinting

Students will need a SVERK or have the required materials needed to complete the Flipgrid required labs.
SVERKS can be purchased separately from our store here


Please read through all of the information and important details on what you need to know before taking the course and how to prepare for your course


Synchronous ZOOM session: 5 hours

  • Introductions and Class Norms 10 minutes
  • EMS systems including National Incident Management and Emergency Action Plans 20 minutes
  • Legal issues with a focus on practice acts and scope of care in emergency settings 30 minutes
  • Disease transmission 10 minutes
  • Primary & Secondary Assessment 20 minutes
  • Airway Emergencies including the use of oxygen, asthma, pulse oximeter and EpiPen 15 minutes
  • Cardiac emergencies 30 minutes
    • Review of cardiac emergencies and use of AED
    • CPR will be offered as an elective for students through American Red Cross (prn at the end of class)
  • Identification, Care and Early Management of Wounds 30 minutes
  • Identification, Care and Early Management of Musculoskeletal injuries 45 minutes
    • Extremities
    • Review of current practices for spine injured athletes and equipment removal
    • Identification, Care and Early Management of Head
      • Concussion
      • Facial
    • Identification, Care and Early Management of Torso
      • thorax
      • abdomen
      • genitalia


Practical Assessment 90 minutes (must provide a person to serve as the injured athlete)

  • Presented with a sports scenario, student will complete the full assessment and care on a live partner.
  • Rubric will be used for grading
  • Feedback provided by students and instructors with discussion on alternative methods, options for care

Both the ERA Recertification LIVE and VIRTUAL course are blended with students completing online didactic work, and then a one-day LIVE session in person for review and testing or a one-day ZOOM session. The approximate time involved is 10 hours:

Prerequisite work didactic: 2 hours. Each student will choose from a list of immersive courses and complete one as part of the online didactic work to provide more in-depth knowledge of specific acute injuries and illness. Separate CEU’s will be offered for an immersive course.

Each module has an online test that requires a score of 80% for passing.


ATTENTION: You will need to be logged into a Cogent Steps Learner Account with an associated ERA Course Completion.* You may begin registering for recertification 6 months prior to your ERA Certification expiration (for example, if you completed your ERA Certification on 11/28/2018, you will NOT be able to register to recertify until AFTER 5/28/2021). If you should have any questions, please contact us.

*Previous Certification Verification

ABPTS and Sports Council have approved the interchange of courses between approved providers to maintain sports specialty certification. Please complete the form at the link below and submit your Acute Injury and Illness Certification form from your previous provider to gain access to Cogent Steps ERA courses.