SVERK – Sports Venue Emergency Response Kit


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Emergency Care of the Athlete requires a bit more than a waist pack. Cogent Steps has the venue care kit you need for caring for acute illness and injury. Lightweight, sturdy tactical backpack with zipper closure, water resistance, several outside pockets for easy access for gloves, and wound care. Deep pockets for musculoskeletal items. Ships with the following items included and room to customize by your sport.  SVERK sales are final.

Customer Testimony

 It is AWESOME! I put it to use at a motocross race last weekend…for some lacerations, a torn ACL, a concussion, and a rib fracture! Excellent product!

Nick S, PT, DPT



Gloves you choose your size: S/M/L/XL                                   Cervical Collar

Antiseptic hand cleaner                                                               4 x 4 gauze

Nonstick gauze                                                                              Sterile water/saline

Waterproof dressing                                                                    Hypafix

Betadine swabs                                                                             Nose plugs

SAM splint                                                                                     Triangular Bandage

Athletic tape                                                                                  Coban

Underwrap                                                                                    Heel and Lace Pads

Skin Adhesive                                                                                20 cc syringes

Small container for storage                                                        Small and large ziplock bag

Antibiotic Ointment                                                                     Tweezers

Tampon                                                                                          Sanitary Pad

Tourniquet                                                                                     Trauma Shears

Pen light                                                                                         Coffee beans (cranial nn testing)

Pulse ox                                                                                          Stick Tic

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Glove Size

Extra Large, Large, Medium, Small