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Emergency Action Plans & Incident Action Plans, Venue Equipment, Supplies

Having the right supplies and equipment on the venue when needed can mean the difference between life and death. Each sport, depending on rules and the types of injuries, has different requirements for supplies and equipment. Understanding what is needed on the sideline is necessary for the best care. As part of the whole care of athletes, Emergency Action Plans must be developed, written and exercised frequently to prepare the sports provider for any emergency.

This online training module on Emergency Action Plans & Incident Action Plans, Venue Equipment, and Supplies is used for the completion of your ERA Recertification. Please make sure you have registered for an ERA Recertification Course HERE, before attempting to complete this module.

This online training module consists of a:

  • Didactic Chapter
  • Video Lecture
  • Final Quiz


After completing this session, the learner will:

  • During pre-event planning, evaluate the venue’s equipment/supplies for use during emergency care
  • Understand the need for specific emergency care equipment and supplies and uses of each item
  • Create venue equipment and supply lists based upon specific event requirements
  • Analyze the potential for environmental concerns and the need for additional equipment and/or supplies
  • Utilize best practices for after-action reporting to improve use of equipment and/or supplies
  • Explain the difference between an Emergency Action Plan (EAP) and an Incident Action Plan (IAP)
  • List the recommended components of an EAP
  • Be able to classify an injury using the START system
  • Given a location and sporting event write a basic EAP for that venue and sport

ATTENTION – Virtual ERA Recertification Students: You received an email from Shelly Weinstein with login information to complete your LAB/hands-on skills via the platform FLIP. If you did not receive this, please contact Shelly ASAP. This work is due 1 week before the live course.