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Considerations for the MMA & Combat Sports Athlete

MMA and combat sports are becoming more mainstream but many sports providers are not familiar with the rules and differences of competition relative to more traditional sports. Injuries and acute care of these athletes is paramount to safe participation.

This online training module on Considerations for the MMA & Combat Sports Athlete is used for the completion of your ERA Recertification. Please make sure you have registered for an ERA Recertification Course HERE, before attempting to complete this module.

This online training module consists of a:

  • Didactic Chapter
  • Video Lecture
  • Final Quiz


After this session, the learner will:

  • Understand the history of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and how it emerged into a modern day combat sport.
  • Discuss the rules and regulations of a MMA competition.
  • Understand Epidemiology of MMA and combat art injuries in training and competition.
    • Injury prevalence
    • Injury locations
    • Injury types
    • Injury risk
  • Identify common MMA techniques and maneuvers used in training and competition.
  • Discuss safety and equipment utilization during MMA training and competition.

ATTENTION – Virtual ERA Recertification Students: You received an email from Shelly Weinstein with login information to complete your LAB/hands-on skills via the platform FLIP. If you did not receive this, please contact Shelly ASAP. This work is due 1 week before the live course.