Connecticut Legislators Hear Testimony on Causes of Athletic Trainer Shortage

Athletic Business posted an article on the shortage of athletic trainers in the state due to increased education requirements. Because of this, Athletic trainers in Connecticut recently voiced their concerns to state legislators, discussing the negative impact of the increased education requirements. These requirements, including the necessity for a master’s degree, have accelerated the issue. As a result, many professionals are choosing alternative healthcare opportunities over school and college programs, leading to a deficit of trainers on sports fields.

Cogent Steps’ Michele Weinstein weighed in on the issue and said, “As a dually certified AT and PT with a dad who coached football for 30+ years, there is room for all of us. I have always said, being a PT in the clinic is completely different than being at the venue. ATs (used to) spend their career on the venue, listening, learning, and caring for their athletes. Their community is struggling. Instead of ‘taking over,’ we should be helping by using our sports clinical specialization to assist. I’d rather have a sports-trained PT than a parent who comes out of the stands. In the end, we owe it to our athletes to keep them safe.”

Read the full article from Athletic Business here.


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