Cogent Steps is excited to announce the launch of our new podcast, Cogent Conversations!


This monthly podcast explores the dynamic world of emergency management in sports. Each episode will feature special guests from the medical field, offering insights into their backgrounds, experiences, challenges, success stories, and more. ⁠

Our first podcast episode is now live and features Cogent Steps Instructor, Megan Mitchell! Michele, our podcast host, and Megan dive into her background and experience in emergency medicine, including as an Operations Specialist with the National Disaster Medical System. ⁠

Click here to listen to the first episode!⁠



Megan Mitchell graduated from Idaho State University with a Bachelor of Science before completing her DPT at the University of Colorado. She is a physical therapist at Denver Health Medical Center specializing in rehabilitation in the emergency room and surgical trauma intensive care. She is also an active member of the Hospital Emergency Response Team with additional CBRNE training from the Center for Domestic Preparedness. Outside of her primary role in the emergency department at Denver Health, Megan is an Associated Faculty for the CU PT Program and teaches Emergency Response for the Athlete with Cogent Steps, LLC. Additionally, she is an Operations Specialist with the National Disaster Medical System working with disaster medical assistance teams deployed in domestic disaster response. Megan’s interest in expanding the role of physical therapy in emergency response and disaster operations led her to pursue field disaster operational experience with Humanity and Inclusion where she has spent 4 months working in a conflict setting across eastern Ukraine. She has returned to school and is working on her MPH with an emphasis in global disaster management, homeland security and humanitarian aid.⁠

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