Management of Common Upper Extremity Sport Injuries

an ERA Recertification Online Immersive Course

The upper extremity is a versatile limb capable of gross and fine motor movement and susceptible to injuries both traumatic and from overuse. Understanding common injuries and their care is key to getting athletes back to full function.

This online training module on the Management of Common Upper Extremity Sport Injuries is used for the completion of your ERA Recertification. Please make sure you have registered for an ERA Recertification Course HERE, before attempting to complete this module.

This online training module consists of a:

  • Didactic Chapter
  • Video Lecture
  • Final Quiz


After completing this session, the learner will:

  • Identify common hand, wrist, and elbow sports injuries.
  • Describe key biomechanical factors of common upper-extremity sports injuries.
  • Differentiate major upper-extremity sports injuries and their differential diagnoses.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of assessment techniques to guide accurate preliminary diagnosis, effective acute treatment, and medical referral for upper-extremity injured athletes.
  • Identify specific best practice acute treatment interventions for each major upper-extremity sports injury.
  • Cite appropriate diagnosis-specific medical referral actions for the upper-extremity injured athlete.
  • Describe long-term treatment protocols for common upper-extremity sports injuries.
  • Describe accurate return-to-sport timelines for diagnosis-specific elbow, wrist, or hand injured athletes.