Emergency Care of the Aging Athlete

an ERA Recertification Online Immersive Course

Aging does not mean giving up recreational or competitive activities. Research shows there are many benefits to an active lifestyle even as we age. This immersive will focus on the considerations of aging athletes with regard to co-morbidities and other considerations in sports coverage.

This online training module on Emergency Care of the Aging Athlete is used for the completion of your ERA Recertification. Please make sure you have registered for an ERA Recertification Course HERE, before attempting to complete this module.

This online training module consists of a:

  • Didactic Chapter
  • Video Lecture
  • Final Quiz


After this lesson, the learner will:

  • Demonstrate awareness of health conditions possibly encountered with aging athletes.
  • Differentiate the anticipated physical health of aging athletes as compared to the general population of aging adults.
  • Identify anticipated differences in aging athlete function based on their competitive sport.
  • Identify changes associated with aging that may impact their provision of emergency medical care to an aging athlete.
  • Identify important areas of assessment needed when examining an aging athlete.
  • Report the action necessary to provide effective care to an aging athlete for a given scenario.
  • Identify signs and symptoms that may be seen in an aging athlete who needs medical attention.
  • Identify interventions that may be needed when addressing health conditions of the aging athlete.